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Rosie Ford gets wet in her denim hot pants

When I first saw these teen glamour pictures of Rosie Ford, I was stunned by how good she looked as well as the quality of the picture. Do these free pictures from True Teen Babes not look like they came out of a glamour or babe magazine? Not only is Rosie looking adorable in her denim hot pants and her white t-shirt, the quality of the shots is incredible. I love how you get to see the water splashing off this adorable blonde teen babe.

True Teen Babes is probably one of the best and most well known non nude teen model websites around. It features adorable girls between the ages of 13 and 17 posing in a variety of outfits including their bikinis, lingerie, bra and panties as well as outfits such as the one Rosie is wearing. There have been a large selection of beautiful girls who have posed at the site over the years, including Loredana Jolie, one of the models that have been linked to the Tiger Woods sex scandal. Be sure to drop by the site and see all their amazing pictures and videos!

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True Teen Babe’s newest model Jackie Ford

Jackie Ford is a lovely 13 year old girl who just so happens to be the latest addition to the roster of models over at True Teen Babes. This site has seen a large roster of models over the years, including one model that’s made a name for herself by being involved with Tiger Woods and his sex scandal. In fact, Loredana Jolie has a tell all book coming out shortly that many people can’t wait to get their hands on. But I’ve strayed off topic. Jackie is looking lovely in her debut pictures from this incredible teen glamour site.

This beautiful girl is posing for us in a tight top that stops mid-drift so you can check out her flat stomach. She completes her outfit off by pulling on tight booty shorts and her white high heels. This dark haired teen cutie has an infectious smile and quite a bit of confidence for only being 13 years old. If you’re interested in seeing the full set of pictures from this photoshoot and keeping up to date of all her new ones, be sure to visit True Teen Babes and get instant access!

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Katie Butler in her bra and panties

Looking for the best teen model site on the planet? In my humble opinion, that site has to be True Teen Babes. This online teen glamour magazine has been online for years now and has some of the cutest girls pose on the site in their bikinis, bra, panties and lingerie. These photoshoots are all tastefully done and look like something you’d see in glamour and fashion magazines as well as print media ads. Here’s one of their adorable non nude models looking adorable as she poses on the couch.

Katie Butler is a beautiful 16 year old teenage model that’s posing for us in her pink bra and panties with a pair of high heels. This girl seems a little shy in front of the camera as her glamour photoshoot begins but she seems to relax a bit by the end of it. This gorgeous teen babe looks amazing as she takes on the role of underwear model and uses a variety of poses in these amazing teen glamour pics.

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